DamagedArt by DeandraDanay

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Time of Change

This one is called a Time of Change. It shows a restaurant on the dock over looking the water. You can see that someone was just sitting there because there is one chair pulled out and a lone glass of wine. I painted this one around Yule (12/21) to show us coming out of the darkness of the year and moving into the light. I thought showing the night time fading ad the light moves in was beautiful. Change is the only constant, I have to keep reminding myself of that!lol This one is also done on canvas board.

Some New Stuff

Ok, so above are a few of my recent paintings. The first one is called A City by the Beach, I did that one for my cousin Donna. She loves the skyline and she also loves the beach so I figured I'd combine them. I am very pleased with that one, I tried to use lighter airier colors beings my usual style seems to be a little dark and heavy. I love it! Man, I just love painting, I wish I could just do it all day!lol The second one is called The Cliffs of Avalon, that one is on canvas board and it is very colorful. It is a scene of a lone house surrounded by mists on the cliffs of the mythical isle of Avalon. The boat in the water is either bringing the body of King Arthur home after the battle where he was mortally wounded, so that he can be brought back to life in Avalon. Or it is the boat that is taking the revived King back to battle. Either way the lone house is the one where Gweneviere waits and watches for her King. I am obsessed with the Isle of Avalon. As soon as money is better I will be saving for a trip to Europe so that I can spend one of the Sabbats in Glastonbury England that is said to be Avalon.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Return of the Sun/ Jury Duty

This one was a tribute to the returning sun. One day I came out of work at 5pm and it was still light outside. I was so happy. I was so ready for winter to be over and spring is my favorite season so I was inspired to dedicate a painting to the changing seasons. 

It was about 57 degrees out today and I had a serious case of spring fever. I asked my cousin to hit happy hour at a local bar with me and we had a good time. I told him all about the day I had on Thursday when I was stuck in jury duty. Of course jury duty isn't usually a pleasant experience. We do it because we have the pleasure of voting and we don't feel like paying a hefty fine. So I was all set for a boring day. To my pleasant surprise, I met a few nice people, I gave out my card and hopefully will get a few people to look at my art. One of the people I hung with called me already, now I'm only waiting on one more. So if he happens to be reading this...I would like to hear from him! (hint, hint)lol. He could even....text me if he wanted!lol

I'm sure I was blushing quite a bit during the time we all spent together, damn this light skin of mine!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blessed Be

This one reflects my interest in Paganism and Wicca specifically. It is of a women, maybe my alter ego Lola, who caught the magnificent moon and decided to take advantage of it. She may be waiting for her Coven or she could be preparing for ritual alone. The full moon is when her power is the strongest and she has come to draw energy from the moon. I have a triple goddess symbol painted in the moon and the symbols earth, air, fire and water are also shown throughout the painting.

Autumn Sky

Well, this is called Autumn Sky as you can see. It is of a striking shot I took on my way to my car after work one day. The contrast of the setting sun against the buildings in the city made huge shadows. It was something I just couldn't pass up so I snapped a picture and I just had to turn it into a painting.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vanilla Sky

Ok, so this is my new favorite. I didn't draw anything before hand, I did it right on the canvas with the brush and it turned out so well. 

I was walking to my car after work and noticed this beautifully colorful sunset over a bridge.  So I took out my camera and snapped a picture.  It reminded me of crazy vanilla ice cream I used to get as a kid. it was basically just vanilla ice cream but in  a lot of crazy colors. This sky looked cold kind of reminding us that winter is coming. And crazy Lola managed to leave her mark as usual. She somehow managed to get up there and spray paint her name


This is one of my latest. It's called Pink! in honor of breast cancer awareness month. A friend of mine at work is a breast cancer survivor and she has a lot to do with organizing the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure walk in October. She knew I painted and asked if I would like to donate a framed piece to be raffled off. It is a great cause and I have an aunt who is a breast cancer survivor.

Anyway so this friend of mine has seen my painting, Through Rose Colored Glasses (See Below) and she really like the concept, considering that people diagnosed with cancer have to try and maintain an optimistic outlook. That specific painting is hanging in a gallery right 
now so she asked if I could create something similar. The walk takes place at the Philadelphia Art Museum so I figured the background on this painting would kind of be like that. I will also be there at the walk painting pink ribbons on people faces. It's great because I don't have any money to give so giving my time and donating my painting is something!